work creation program

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What is WCPI?

Work Creation Programs provide community-based Vocational Training and Work Experience, Community Integration, and Social Skills Training for Adults with Developmental Disabilities who are interested in working and participating in the community in group settings. While intense training is provided in the vocational/entrepreneurial area, consumers are also encouraged to acquire a strong community and social awareness. Our goal is to integrate consumers into the community by empowering them to recognize and reach their maximum potential in supportive and nurturing environments. We are dedicated to design unique programs through understanding our consumers wants, wishes and dreams, and assisting them in attaining their personal goals with the purpose of living happier and more balanced lives.

We provide training in group setting only in real-world environments. All training is provided by qualified staff members with 1:3 or 1:4 staff-to-consumer ratios.


Our Commitment

At the heart of WCP Inc. lies the commitment to provide excellence and to create the possibility of viable service enterprise in which all are indeed partners. We are geared toward empowering self and others, and we invite all to join in the process of improving the quality of our services and our training. Our Commitment towards training and development is to be on the leading edge of empowerment such that people lives are impacted for the highest and greatest good of all.