Work Training

Employment Training and work experience will take Place “On-the-Job”. Using the supported work model, jobs will be found in the community. Participants will find themselves working on private and commercial sites contracted by WCP Inc. and additionally will find entrepreneurial partnerships contacts in the small business domain with the support structure to go for financial viability. The types of the work/business offered will be varied, to accommodate individual attitudes and interests.

Social Skills

Training will take place at all settings. Participants will gain sufficient interpersonal and community skills to meet the emotional and situational demands of the working/business world. Individuals with behavior problems will learn socially acceptable alternatives to behavior limiting their ability to integrate into a community based life-style.

Community Skills

Community Skills Training will take place while utilizing integrated community resources for recreation, work and personal needs. Participants will receive training in acceptable interaction patterns with various community members. Training will include business conversation to empower ownership and/or management skills. Training will also maintain basic survival/pedestrian safety and functional use of money.